• Indonesia has a 30 day tourist visa (VOA) available for most countries, free of charge upon your arrival.
  • Once arriving in Indonesia, your passport must have a minimum of 6 month validity.
  • If you would love to stay longer, please visit the website of your Indonesian embassy from your country to apply for a longer stay.


  • Flights from Bandar Lampung Airport (TKG) to Krui Airport can be arranged by our management if requested one week before your arrival to check availability. Krui’s Airport is fairly new so it’s not yet on the map, therefore availability has to be checked before your departure and can not be guaranteed.
  • Flights from Bandar Lampung Airport (TKG) to Krui Airport takes approximately 30 minutes and usually costs around 30 USD. 
  • You must fly to Jakarta Airport (CGK) first and then take a short flight to Bandar Lampung Airport (TKG) in South Sumatra.
  • There are some local Airlines that offers easy and cheap online bookings. We recommend to check out Guardia Indonesia or Lion Air for more information.
  • Please bear in mind that if you arrive from an international flight to Jakarta Airport (CGK) you should allow yourself at least 3 hours before catching your next flight, just to be safe.
  • If you are travelling Domestic from another Indonesian airport, you will always have a stopover in Jakarta before transiting to your next flight for Bandar Lampung.

Airport Shuttle

  • Maximum 4 passengers with luggage and surfboards can go into one car.
  • Transport from Bandar Lampung Airport (TKG) to our Surf Camp takes around 5-6 hours and costs 150 USD including your return.
  • Transport from Krui Airport to our Surf Camp takes around 10 minutes and costs 40 USD including your return.
  • Transport can be arranged by yourselves at the Airport as well or organised for one way only if preferred.
  • Think of this journey as a positive thing, it keeps the crowds down!


  • The Krui region and South Sumatra has a very tropical climate with two seasons.
  • High Season/ Dry Season covers the months of April – October.
  • Low Season/ Wet Season covers the months of November – March.
  • Average outside temperatures 29C.
  • Average water temperature 28C.
  • Humidity levels can reach up to 87%.


What to include:

  • Hat to protect you from the sun.
  • Long sleeve shirt and long trousers.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Small torch.
  • First aid kit.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • High protection sunscreen.
  • Camera equipment and a GoPro.
  • Trainers or trekking shoes for those interested in the jungle.

Surfing gear:

  • We recommend you bringing 2-3 surfboards. Waves over here are generally between 3ft-8ft but the bigger swells can get you up to 12ft.
  • Bodyboarders are recommended to bring at least 2 boards with them.
  • Second set of fins/ second pair of bodyboard fins.
  • Extra leg/ arm rope.
  • Extra surfboard wax.
  • Reef booties.
  • Rash vest.
  • Surf hat.


  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Fishing gear or Spearfishing gun.
  • Sarong or scarf. (can be good to bring for ladies due to local customs and religion)
  • Tampons. (this can unfortunately not be bought in Krui if needed)


  • You should come prepared with some extras for your surf gear as suggested above. There is only one local surf shop which can’t always guarantee a lot of options if you come across gear shortage. 
  • There is a really good ding repair, located about 20 minutes away from our Surf Camp if you need to use him. We will happily organize taking your board over to him if needed.
  • The surf around Krui is not suited for beginners, as some skill would be needed. However there are days when the swell drops and you have a more selective option for beginners.
  • We have an open schedule for our surf trips if a guide would be needed to give you the best surf experience, free of charge!

Getting Around

  • We can easily arrange motorbikes during your stay with us!
  • We can arrange a car for either a full or half day that would include you with a driver for up to 4 people.


  • We do not accept card payments at Krui Surfing.
  • Krui does have a few ATM’s available in the village BNI Bank, accepting both VISA and MasterCard.
  • There are no Money Exchanges available. So if you do decide to bring some cash, we recommend that you exchange your money at the Jakarta Airport before catching your flight to Bandar Lampung as this can not be done once you have left Jakarta.
  • At the Bandar Lampung Airport, you can find available ATM’s in case you need to withdrawal some cash before heading off towards Krui.


  • Travel insurance is highly recommended for all of our guests staying with Krui Surfing, especially when traveling to remote destinations. 
  • Krui does have a small clinic that can assist with minor injuries. 
  • There is a hospital in Liwa, about one hour drive from Krui that will assist you with more serious injuries in case of an emergency.
  • Krui offers several pharmacies, but if you require any specific medication don’t forget to bring this with you.
  • Please seek medical advice before travelling to South East Asia, always check if you need any vaccinations etc before your trip to Indonesia.
  • Krui region, is not classified as a risk area for Malaria or Dengue fever.
  • All beds have mosquito nets and the bedrooms are provided with anti-mosquito plugs.
  • Special dietary and allergies, has to be requested and informed before your arrival.


  • There is a 24 hour availability and security for our guests to support you with any needs and to make your stay as comfortable as possible with us.


  • Vitamin C and E will be provided daily for all of our guests.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the Surf Camp.
  • Face masks can be provided if requested before your arrival.
  • Each room will have a maximum occupancy of 2 guests.
  • Use of 1 motorbike per person.
  • Daily cleaning of all bungalows.
  • All communication and signed transactions will be made online.
  • Guests has to provide a recent report of their health from a doctor, no older than 4 months.

You Are Helping Preserve Marine Life

When you book your stay with us, you help to preserve our marine life. 5% of all profits will go towards Marine Conservation.

Receive our 100% organic Turtles Eat Plants tee upon your arrival (depending on availability) to help support our beautiful oceans and everything that comes with it. 

The Organizations We Support


Our oceans and marine life face threats at every turn. From plastic pollution to habitat loss to overfishing, the future of our oceans is at risk. No organization is better suited to take on these challenges than Oceana.

Project AWARE

Project AWARE Foundation is the organization working specifically with scuba divers across the globe to protect underwater environments. Focused on the critical issues of Shark Conservation and Marine Debris, Project AWARE empowers thousands to work together for a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. They use innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.